Ahh, more of the Miserable Father images from suffragette times. It’s a favourite old meme because imagine caring for your children?  noooooo not my childreeennnn


These amazing underwater “crop circles” are the result of a species of pufferfish. The males create these large, intricate designs in the seabed with their fins to attract potential mates. The females inspect the finished design and decide if they wish to mate with the male from there. The female will lay her eggs in the center of the circles, and the male will then fertilize and guard the eggs. 

Previously, the circles were of unknown origin, and remained a mystery for several years until it was discovered that these little guys were responsible for the beautiful designs.


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"Please stop selling shirts carelessly" wtf are they supposed to interview the people buying them like what does this dude want

you KNOW if he saw a dude wearing it he would not have said anything, he’d assume the guy knew the music, because this is not about music snobbery it’s about men thinking women are fucking idiots, and behaviour like this REINFORCES that belief because this guy will harass and belittle women, finding them to be “wrong” but he will leave men alone ASSUMING that they are “right” thereby providing himself with skewed inaccurate evidence to prove that women are idiots, completing the vicious cycle of misogyny that so many men perpetuate daily but are COMPLETELY FUCKING BLIND TO

What the ever loving fuck is wrong with men

speaking as a female music-collecting nerd this kind of shit happens alll time.  obviously it’s usually nowhere near this egregious but believe me the attitude behind this crap like this is depressingly common among men in ~the scene~ as it were, and if you ever have the unfortunate chance of being a woman shopping in a record store i guarantee you that you will encounter dudes like this :/

and people wonder why most folks just buy shit from itunes now…

it kind of seems like…this isn’t a big deal? I understand that harassment and unwarranted card-pulling happens waaay too often to women in various scenes but this time it kinda looks like nothing bad happened? it seems like it was just a funny moment that these two had. he gave her a free album. they’re both grinning. someone got to experience Static Age for the first time. let’s call this one a wash, or at the very least Not a Defeat 

Aka : “I see the sexist shit that happens in the world, but it has never happened to me personally, so no body should complain about it, okay??”


 Do you believe in the existence of extraterrestrials? // Logically, I would have to say no.

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Marine Worm photographed by Alexander Semenov

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he needs those parts for his space ship

he’s going to otter space

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CK Adarem - Stan’s Visit (2013)

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meanwhile near coney island someone has decided to make their camp at the maw of the giant squid

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