Weevil with fungal infection by itchydogimages on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Although still outwardly active and mobile, this weevil’s fate is sealed. It has been infected by a fungus which will eventually penetrate its exoskeleton and cause its demise. It the meantime it makes for a fairly novel and unique appearance….
Pu’er, Yunnan, China


Female Giraffe Weevils use their long neck to roll up leaves to create a safe and secure place for their children to grow up.

Male Giraffe Weevils use their even longer neck to fight with each other.

All’s neck in love and war.


Long-nosed Weevil (Rhinotia hemistictus), family Belidae, Eastern Australia

(photos taken in NSW: T - Spongepuppy; B - fir0002)



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THE DAILY PIC: I saw this shirt on a recent visit to the Textile Museum in Toronto. It’s part of a series called “Les nébuleuses,” from a solo show by the clothing-artist Ying Gao.

Some of her pieces are very high-tech, deploying motors and sensors of various kinds. These ones, made of a fabric called “super organza”, go in just the other direction. They are so simple, so barely-there, that they’re at the point where clothing dissolves into nudity – where it’s more thought than substance. (Photo by Dominique Lafond)

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‘This box from the New Bedford Whaling Museum’s outstanding scrimshaw collection was made between 1840 and 1856 of whale bone and ivory, mahogany, wood and tortoiseshell.’ (via Anonymous Works: Circa 1840’s Whalebone Box with Decorative Hands)

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ANOTHER ANATOMY POST! Only three vertebrate groups have successfully evolved flight: Birds, Bats, and Pterosaurs, which are NOT dinosaurs, and are an extremely diverse group of reptiles! Pterodactyl is not the only one. However, birds ARE dinosaurs. Avian dinosaurs!

Wings are not some extra structure you tack on to a creature and somehow the arms go away— they ARE arms. Think about that when you are designing creatures with wings and also giving them arms. That means your creature has six limbs.

Next anatomy post: The anatomy and evolution of DRAGONS. If you guys have any requests, feel free to send them in!

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